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H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Seregélyesi út 98-114. warehouse to let

8000 Székesfehérvár, Seregélyesi Way 98-114, Hungary


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We storage rooms with different floor area and room height, located on the ground floor or upper floors, with or without heating with floor areas ranging from 70 sqm to 2,500 sqm. Easy movement between office buildings and storage rooms ensures that, if required, office and storage activities can take place separately but still close to one another.

Costs of water-sewage, electricity and heating of rental units are accounted for on the basis of lump sum and airspace. A part of our rental units on offer has high-performance electricity that can serve any industrial activity.

On the site, if required, we can offer offices, gated free areas and parking places for trucks and a central shower/locker room for employees.


Our Székesfehérvár site is located next to road 62 bypassing the city near M7 motorway One of the advantages of the site is the fast and easy accessibility by trucks, lorries and cars and also by public transport from the city.

On the site, we offer offices, warehouses, production halls, gated free areas and parking places to let. Protection of site is provided by 24-hour reception service and licence plate recognition system with a barrier. 


Rent: 500 -1.050 HUF/sqm/month + VAT

Service charge:           sqm-on the basis of

Utility costs:              on the basis of consumption measured

Minimum duration of let: flexible



  •  easy logistics between storage rooms, truck parking
  •  electricity performance suitable for any industrial activity