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AREX FM Ltd. was set up in 2004 with the aim that it should provide high-quality services for clients in the field of facility utilisation.

We have outstanding regional information and contacts in Budapest and all over Hungary, as a result, the floor area of the properties managed by us has doubled since the beginnings, by now reaching close to 200,000 square metres.

We work with experienced professionals and subcontractors who have good references.


We specialise in the lease and sale of industrial properties and offices and retail spaces. We also undertake complete real estate utilisation, investment and organisation as well as maintenance and operation tasks.


Our goal is to find properties for our Clients, which fit their activities in all respects. Our colleagues will give the best offers for those interested by possessing all information on the property portfolio under our management. Real estate utilisation ranges from finding new properties, utilising existing ones, preparing projects for facilitating economical operation to performing any other tasks connected to property management.

We provide the following real estate utilisation services:

  • optimising property portfolio
  • lease, sale and purchase of offices, retail spaces, warehouses and other properties
  • examination and preparation of property developments
  • making market analysis and accounts
  • representation of the interest of owners at general meetings of condominiums
  • appraisal
  • property law counselling
  • registration of properties



Our service helps to increase the value, duration and profit-making capacity of property portfolio, at the same time meeting investment demands in a cost-effective manner.

During the course of investment organising activities, our service ranges from authorisation procedures to implementation including any tasks coming up.

You can rely on us to organise and implement investments meeting all your demands in an all-inclusive manner.

We provide the following investment services:

  • all-inclusive investment planning and organising
  • coordination of planning process
  • arranging authorisation procedures
  • preparation of planning and implementation contracts



Our activities include technical preservation of the properties managed by us, preventive maintenance, quick and professional correction of failures, serving individual technical needs of renters and clients in line with current standards and regulations.

Would you like to reduce operational costs? You can benefit from our all-inclusive facility management services!


We provide the following management and maintenance services:

  • contacting public utilities companies
  • supervision of contact protection, lightning protection and fire protection
  • providing professional environmental, energetic and legal background
  • engineering and electric repair, design, supervision and general maintenance
  • organising waste removal, cleaning and disinsection
  • maintenance of boiler, air conditioner, elevator, lift and other special equipment
  • analysing and optimising public utilities costs
  • safeguarding



Our appraisal service includes determination of the market value and ideal rent of residential, trading and industrial properties. Official appraisal reports are always prepared by qualified professionals with many years of experience.

According to ministerial order No. 7/2006 of TNM (ministry without portfolio) preparation of energy performance certificate is obligatory for real estate sales and lease exceeding 1 year. It is a document certifying energy performance features of a building or its unit in compliance with the calculation method defined by this order.

Our mechanical engineers listed in the register of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers are entitled to issue a certificate in line with governmental decree No. 176/2008. (VI.30.).